My Child Hates Reading and Writing

What to do if you child dislikes reading and/or writing?

Help me! My Child Hates Reading and Writing! Is reading and/or writing time a battlezone of tears and frustration?

There is Hope! How you go about teaching these subjects makes all the difference!

Some schools/curriculums ‘teach’ by inundating the child with minimum number of pages to read per day or certain number of books to read per week.

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Other school have students meet a certain words per minute in a stressful timed readings. Where in the real world, do adults have to read at a certain numbers of word per minute? Maybe if you go into radio or television, you would have to make sure you use your time on air effectively but no one would be timing your reading speed.

These type of ‘techniques’ not only do not benefit the student – it sets them up for failure. These cause anxiety in the child.

Reading is like this is not enjoyable. Most children end up despising reading and writing.

Why? Because similar techniques are use for ‘teaching’ writing. Kids are giving timed test to write ‘a story’ or some unrelated prompt to start a story. Who can really enjoy writing like that?

My Child Hates Reading and Writing

It makes it hard on the parent and the child. I understand first hand! We had a child you liked to read but that fire was quenched by bad methodology. Writing time became a battleground.

My Child Hates Reading and Writing Solution.

We used to Help me! My Child Hates Reading and Writing! However, today we have a different story. I used the techniques on our guide: ‘Help me!’ guide for both reading and writing along with the unit Silly Geography (a writing unit disguised as a silly adventure) and today my child writes for fun!

Get the guide to help you know what to do! After you’ve implemented those guidelines for reading, get them into writing for fun! It’s all explained in the guide🙂.

help me My Child Hates Reading and Writing


Don’t forget to check out the unit that goes along with the guide, SILLY GEOGRAPHY. It is a writing unit disguised as a silly geographic adventure that really gets kids into writing.

Kids will never forget the silly stories they will participate in. The comic style that it is written in – really help drive home the lesson and engage the kids at the same time.

Interactive Geography Visual Unit


We use fun and accurate visuals to engage children’s imaginations in a silly adventure while teaching writing in small chunks.

The comics and silly story will naturally engage students in the writing process using ‘out of the box’ creative writing exercises.


A fun open and go unit study, this interactive visual unit study, can be used independently or along with other curriculums. There is NO prepping nor complicated instructions. Just open and go!


No problem! Silly Geography’s unique format makes kids want to write!

See why in our guide to Help! My Child Hates Writing! GETTING KIDS TO WRITE & LOVE IT! (FREE to subscribers)

Download our guide: “Help! My Child Hates Writing!”

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Silly geography
Silly Geography: Landforms, phrases & silly stories

Interactive Geography Visual Unit Study

Grab it here.


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