Welcome Spring – Spring Yarn Flowers Craft

Spring Yarn Flowers

A Spring Project For Kids

Spring is finally here!
So excited to see everything budding and flowering. It is a beautiful time of the year. 🙂

Seeing so many beautiful flowers got us in the mood to do something colorful and bright.   I’ve also been wanting to do something with yarn.  Love the texture it brings into any art project.

These simple yarn flowers craft are easy enough for preschoolers to do with a little help from mom or teachers.



Spring Yarn Flowers Craft

This project can use any scraps of yarn you here laying around as you can combine any number of  colors for the flowers.

What you need:

  • Yarn in any assortment of colors.
    We choose pink, orange, green and yellow.
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Clear glue
  • Craft balls
  • Cardboard in the shape of leaves.
  • Small flower pot
  • Tissue paper



First, wrap yarn around craft ball until is completely covered. Little hands had a bit of a hard time with this so we applied some glue to get started.



Second, take a little bit of green yarn and wrap it around the popsicle sticks. Just don’t go all the way to the ends. Again, we applied glue so that little hands  could keep the yarn from sliding off the stick..

Cut the cardboard in the shape of leaves and wrap it around with green yarn.



Place the stick at the bottom of the ball. Then, glue the leave to the stem. You might need to apply a bit of hot glue to make sure the leave stays put.

Place your yarn flowers in the flower pot and cover the surface with a little tissue paper.
And it’s done!


A fun happy spring craft that little ones can do with a little assistance from mom 🙂

Would love to see how your flowers turn out. You can visit  on Facebook and post a picture.

Hope you enjoy!

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