Frugal & Fun Easter Kids Craft

A Super Easy Kids Craft using Natural Materials

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Easter is first approaching and there are so many ads about the easter bunny,  decorating eggs and egg hunts. All of which are fun to do with kids! However, if you celebrate Resurrection Day on Easter there are few reminders in stores.

Teach your children the true meaning of Easter

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Frugal & Fun Easter Kids Craft:

As a family, we like to do special things on Easter to remind us and teach our kids what Resurrection Day is all about:

From the cross to the grave and from  the grave to the sky- like  the popular song says.


Telling the Easter Story in one Picture

With toddlers and preschoolers, you only have  their attention span for so long. So I wanted  a simple craft that  could tell the meaning of  Easter  in one picture.  It would have to include the cross and the empty tomb.

So I came up with this design:

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easter idea

Frugal Craft Using Natural Materials

With the weather getting nicer everyday, we love being outside.   So using natural materials found in the backyard was a perfect fit to do a craft outdoors.  Plus you don’t need to spend any money to do this craft-an added bonus! 🙂

Apart from having some glue and cardstock on hand you don’t need any prep time at all for this frugal Easter Kids Craft!

Frugal Fun and Useful Easter Kids Craft

This frugal craft turned up to be  fun and useful.  My little one had a blast finding and gathering all the materials necessary.  What kid doesn’t like playing with dirt?

It’s been very useful at helping the kids  retell the basics of the Easter story.  No doubt that hands on activities help  kids remember things so much easier  than just reading about it.

Easter Kids Craft


Learning while we craft:

This uses different textures,  like grass, sand, rocks, sticks.

You will need

  • Any blue color cardstock
  • Glue
  • Grass
  • Sticks
  • Sand
  • One small stone
  • One small rounded piece of brown or black cardstock for the empty tomb

Step I:

Cut an 8×5 piece of blue cardstock

Draw the background with a pencil  (mountain, cross, cave, etc.)  so younger children know where to paste each material.

Cover it in glue. Needs lots of glue to  adhere the grass and sand.

Step 2

 Glue  all your materials: the grass, sand, and rounded black cardstock to the blue background.
 Then add the small stone to the side of the cave.  This is the stone that was rolled away.
And it’s done!

Alternative Indoor Activity

If the weather is not cooperating  or you don’t want messy hands 🙂 I’ve created a free coloring sheet to retell the Resurrection story.   Grab it here.


Hope you enjoy a fun and meaningful Easter with your family!

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