Interactive Unit Studies

Learning While At Play

Fun With A Message’s Learning While At Play interactive unit studies are flexible enough to be used as part of any curriculum or to be used on their own with reference resources.

Why Cross-curricular Interactive Unit Studies?

After all these years of teaching and tutoring, plus reading so many experts on the topic, I’ve realized that the way we learn is by association. What do I mean by that? Our brain functions by association. True learning comes as we associate one concept to another to solve a problem.

ancient civilization thematic interactive unit study

Many children in public and private school fail because they can not learn unrelated teaching on subjects that switch every hour. Others don’t learn they just memorize without understanding. Many interrupt class because they are bored with concepts thrown at them without any concrete application.

Real Life Learning

Learning While At Play units aim to ‘solve a problem.’ By applying knowledge of different subjects, students will use critical skills to reach a goal.

Interactive Unit Studies

Archaeology & History Interactive Unit Study
Find It! Archaeology Dig

Learning History using Archaeology has never been this fun! See details here.

Archaeology & History Interactive Unit Study

This History Unit uses Archaeology for students to learn about the seven major ancient civilizations. SEE DETAILS HERE.

astronomy study unit
Astronaut For The Day

Interactive Unit Study

Astronomy and Bio-Diversity Interactive Unit Study

This thematic unit study encompasses the study of astronomy and life :

  • What is astronomy?
  • Solar System basics
  • Exploring outer space
    • Basic study of celestial bodies
  • What is bio-diversity?

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Coming Soon!

painting history

Learn History With Art

Video class and printed workbook options.


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