As with all ‘Learning While At Play’ units this ARCHAEOLOGY & HISTORY UNIT STUDY ‘Find It! – Archaeology Dig’ aims to ‘solve a problem.’ Students will learn the basics of Archaeology and apply it to study ancient civilizations.

Students will use critical thinking skills to solve clues and find any or all of the seven major ancient civilizations.

This unit study is integrated by theme. As with all our units, we believe we all learn best by association and kids engage when they see a practical application for their studies.

Archaeology & History Integrated Unit Study

Find It! Archaeology Dig
Be A History Detective!

Find It! – Archaeology Dig

Archaeology & History Unit Study

This History Unit Study uses Archaeology to study ancient civilizations. It encompasses both the study of the basics of Archaeology and understanding the basics of the seven major ancient civilizations.


  • What is Archaeology?
  • What does an archaeologist do?
  • Tools of the trade
  • What is an artifact?


  • Concept of Civilization
  • Major Characteristics of a Civilization
  • Study of each of the seven major civilizations (separately)


  • Using map skills
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Critical Thinking
  • Researching
  • Writing
    • Summarizing & paraphrasing.
    • Creative Writing: Students use all of their newly acquired knowledge to write a creative piece. (write your struggles, as you were digging part of the excavation began to collapse, be descriptive as possible – your audience wasn’t there – help them see what you saw and feel the heat, the exhaustion, the disappointment and the joys when you found the artifact.

Find It! Archaeology Dig Unit Details

Students will have fun learning what an Archaeologist does and how excavations lead to exciting discoveries. With this understanding, the children will solve a mystery using clues to find the 7 major ancient civilizations.

  • Become an archaeologist for the day!
  • Solve the puzzle of a mysterious artifact
  • Use clues to find an ancient civilization
  • Give a press conference to report your findings.

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