Fun With A Message’s hand selected directory of the best geography resources. Sometimes a search on the internet can be overwhelming. Now, you don’t have to -we did the search for you! Listed are the selected best geography websites, best geography games, and geography books for kids.




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We carefully listed geography websites that are not only free but also provide the most useful information for kids and adults. You can research all about countries, cultures, locations, and anything to do with Geography.

Geography resources listed on this page:

  • Best FREE Geography Websites
  • Geography Unit Studies & Printables
  • Great Geography Games
  • Online Geography Quizzes

Plus, other great learning resources are included – like games and books that are popular because of the quality of the content, educational value, and fun activities!

Interactive Geography Visual Unit

Fun Geography?

Yes! There is just a thing as kids having a blast while learning Geography.

Fun Writing Practice Too?

Yes, with this unit study kids will also practice writing using silly fun writing prompts about landforms.

See more information at our Interactive Geography page.


If you are teaching Geography or your students are learning Geography, websites listed are great for researching:

  • Physical Geography
  • Human Geography
  • Environmental Geography
  • Regional Geography
  • Geomatics (sites that present data gathered from geographic information)
  • Cartography

GUIDED RESEARCH WORKBOOK one of the best geography resources

GEOGRAPHY Guided Research Workbook

A comprehensive workbook pack. Includes notebooking and guided research prompts on:

  • Geysers & Hot Springs
  • Wildlife: bear, buffalo, elk, moose, bison.

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Some sites, like National Geographic, have amazing photos of exotic locations and awesome videos.

best geography resources

Our list includes the best of geography resources found online and in print including:

  • Best books to learn about geography
  • Best geography games
  • Online resources – FREE websites that include:
    • Geographical fact sheets
    • Interactive geography games
    • Interactive geography quizzes
    • Online and printed maps
    • Videos and audio of amazing sights around the globe
  • Activities for kids.



Fun way to learn about Geography. You get one every month.


Geography Websites

Listed in alphabetical order (intermingled with useful games and books).

  • All about earth with NASA cool site for kids to study Earth with NASA. Study the physical geography of the Earth. You can jump to learning about the Earth in space too!
  • Atlas Obscura : great to find amazing destinations and wonders unseen. Fun for kids to discover new places.

Geographic Atlas

A printed atlas, an essential resource for homeschool or classroom use.

This atlas is geared at kids with tons of infographics and photos about different cultures and locations around the globe.

  • Geo Applications cool blog about practical applications of geography. Very different type of website, all about how you can use GIS for every area of life. Applications from farming, astronomy, archaeology, architecture, aquatics, aviation, and much more!

Fun Geography game! So kids won’t even know how much they are learning while they play 😉

Learn the Continents

The Continent Race is a fun and entertaining game for kids. Fast paced!

  • Geocaching as the website says : “The largest worldwide treasure hunt” You can sign up to play and go out and about in locations near you to find ‘treasures’ others have hidden.
self guided pack yellowstone field trip


If your child, needs to report on Yellowstone, print this pack. It highlights everything they need to research on and an organized space to write their findings.

Learn About the World

Great family game! Kids learn about continents, countries, and important facts about each country.

  • Geography Games all sorts of games about geography games. Has fun World Capitals games, games about continents, world flags games, and much more.
  • GeographyRealm: best place to learn about geography especially cartography, physical geography and human geography. It is geared towards parents and educators.
  • Global Warming Ideas for kids of things we can do to slow down global warming. The site has practical ideas for high schoolers and above.

  • Google Earth 3D trips to anywhere on the globe. Probably the best website to go on a virtual trip to many places around the earth. City buildings and other shapes are 3D photos so it looks like you are there.
  • Google Lit Trips: explore books according to location. While it is not a geopraphy learning site, this site is unique in that it helps you select books based on geographical locations listed on the book.
  • Indus Valley One of the few guides geared for kids about the Indus Valley people. We love the fun and educational videos about the civilization, culture and historical facts on the ancient civilization.

Geography Apps

Fun and FREE app! Great to learn locations of countries, capitals, cities, etc.

  • Jetpunk if you want your child to learn the countries.. here is your chance. Quizzes about each country of the world, US states, maps of the continents and more.
  • Make a map – fun online game for kids that shows them you can make a map of anything even your room. Based on the famous character, the Cat in the Hat kids can use the different options to add furniture, and objects to the map.

Kids Travel Book

Travel to distance lands – over 200 countries with great photos and facts.

Plus its FREE online!!

  • National Geographic Kids: great resource for pictures, videos and activities for kids. Probably the best resource for kids to learn on their own on a safe website geared just to learning. It does have many other subjects too – not just geography.
  • Political Geography Now: everything about countries and borders. Great resource to find cool information about new countries and border changes between countries.

Earth Book

All about Earth and its physical geography – just like the name says! Plus FREE on unlimted!

  • WorldAtlas probably the best free atlas site. Full of great images and information on demographics, population, etc.
  • World Mapper awesome website where your interest decides your map.


Best free educational sites

Checkout our guide for all the best free educational websites! All, listed by alphabetical order so everything is easy to find. From mathematics to zoology, the best sites are listed. Go there now and bookmark the page.

Homeschool goals kindergarten

Looking for to start schooling kids at home?

See the resources here.



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