Textures And Patterns Shamrock – A Super Easy Kids Craft

Textures And Patterns Shamrock

A Super Easy Kids Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

Art Project Shamrock patterns


Show off your child’s art making it into a keepsake.

Painting and crafting with kiddos is so much fun. We have kids paintings and crafts all over the house – sweet little reminders of the little blessings we have been given. But sometimes I think  we will  run out of house for  all these crafts!

So lately, I’ve been trying to do crafts we can use as cute little decor and become keepsakes. For keepsakes, the quality of paper used will make a big difference. I like to use acid-free paper for painting as well as backing.  You can find it here. The acid free paper will not turn yellow so we can enjoy the kids artwork even after  they are all grown-up :)

With this in mind, I designed a super easy kids craft keepsake. Just frame it and use it in March for St Patrick’s day. Plus the kids will learn while they play!



St. Patrick Kids Art Project

St Patrick's Day kids art project

Learning while we have fun:

This craft helps kids practice painting and mixing colors, experiment with textures, drawing shapes, combine shapes and lines to create patterns, and practice cutting and pasting.

You will need

  • Acid free paper and cardstock for the backing  (but you can use any paper  you prefer)
  • Water based paint: green, white, yellow and  purple.
  • Paint brushes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tracing paper or wax paper.

I order supplies online, you can check it out clicking here.

Making Textures And Patterns Shamrock


Step 1

Cut the cardstock to 5×7″  (so it fits a standard frame)
Paint it with purple teaching the kids to use different brush strokes in different directions to create some texture.
Remember the more texture the better!  Cover the paper completely.
Why purple background?
I’ve seen a lot of St Patrick’s day craft and it is just too green for my taste. Using complimentary colors makes the artwork pop!
But you can use any color for the background.

Step 2

While that the background is drying,  on the painting paper put little dabs of green, white and a tiny bit of yellow and let your  little one mix them as much or as little as they want.The more color variation the better.
We ended up mixing ours quite a bit but you can still see the different shades of green.
Make sure you have enough paint on the paper so you can’draw’on it. Not excessive amounts or it won’t dry quickly.

kids art project textures and patterns

Let it dry a bit then, let the kids use the end of a paintbrush and ‘draw’ on the paint.  Practice circles, squares, rectangles,  create patterns within them.

Step 3

Using the template provided, draw the shamrock onto the tracing paper  (but wax paper works just fine-in case  you don’t have any on hand like me :).  Draw the whole shamrock once and  also three leaves separately.
Help the kiddos cut each leave separated and placing it on to the painted paper cut 3 leaves and a stem.

kids art project textures and patterns

Using the shamrock you just drew onto the tracing  paper, gently delineate the shape for the kids to see where to paste the leaves. Then glue them on to background piece and its ready to be framed! Super easy and fun!

 St. Patrick's Day kids Art framed

Would love to see how your project turns out. Visit us on Facebook and post a picture.

Hope you enjoy!

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29 Responses to “Textures And Patterns Shamrock – A Super Easy Kids Craft”

  1. This is so great! I’ve included this activity in my 17 St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids roundup post here http://livinginhisway.blogspot.ca/2015/03/17-st-patricks-day-activities-for-kids.html

  2. Cute texture and design ideas! Thanks for linking up at #MeetUpMonday! Hope to see you again tomorrow!! (www.OddsandEvans.com)

  3. Great creative ideas! Thats a good way to get the children exploring paint and texture in a fun way.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  4. Great idea! I featured this great craft on the TGIF Blog & Instagram Hop this Friday. We also updated our Blog hop button if you would like the new version. :)


  5. Brilliant! This is just brilliant! Thanks for linking up to Awesome Life Friday!

  6. What a fun project! St. Patricks Day is a difficult one because there aren’t a lot of crafts out there. You nailed it on this one! Thanks for sharing on Momma Told Me. We hope you’ll come back soon!


  7. What a fun and timely project! My son was born around St. Patricks day…this would be a neat thing for him to do on his birthday :) Pinning this :)

    Thanks for linking up with the Ladies Collective Linkup. Hope to see you again on Wednesday! http://www.bestofbabylady.com

  8. My 2 favorite colors together, your designs are neat, what seems to be finger painting will never go out of style!Your final shamrock is great! I was just thinking about my scrapbook supplies I have from last year I need to get out and see what I can come up with.

    Thank you for visiting and sharing on Friday Feature!!
    Hope you have a great weekend, Karren @ Oh My Heartsie Girl

  9. This is a great kids project! I love it. Your directions are awesome too. Thanks so much for linking up to Craft Therapy Thursday at P.S. I Love You Scrapbooking. A new link party started today. I hope you will join me!

  10. Looks like a ton of fun! My daughters are grown now but we used to do stuff like this all the time. I love it — definitely, definitely, definitely preserve these treasures! Thanks for sharing this craft with us at Inspire Me Mondays. Have a great week and we’ll see you soon!

  11. What a cute and fun craft! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we hope you’ll join us again next week :)

  12. This is such a creative kids project! Looks great!! Thanks so much for sharing :) #SCBH2015

  13. That is adorable!! I always remember doing the ones with tinfoil and string when I was younger. I love this one! :) #SCBH2015

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