Caterpillar’s Dream – Children’s Book Trailer

Caterpillar’s Dream …… A Story Your Children Will Love!

Caterpillar’s Dream is a wonderfully illustrated tale of a caterpillar, named Abby, whose heart’s desire is to see the world, but she does not have wings. On her adventure to see the world, Abby is inspired by her friend Bird and the beautiful flowers she sees. Join Abby on her great adventure!

Written in poetic format. Both English and Spanish versions Available!

For children ages 1 to 6 years.

Publisher: Fun With A Message

Available at and

Caterpillar’s Dream is available as an ebook for Kindle or Nook readers and can be downloaded to most electronic devices using the free Nook Apps on The paperback is also available on Amazon.

Caterpillar’s Dream Now Available on iTunes!

Fun with a Message’s Caterpillar’s Dream is now on sale through the iBookstore on iTunes.


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