Beautiful Biblical Lapbooks

Esther A Woman of Courage

A BEAUTIFUL INTERACTIVE Study of Life of Esther.

Esther A Woman of Courage Lapbook has everything that you need to study the life of Esther with children of any age. 

Beautifully customized graphics complement the analysis of the life of Esther.  Students will practice summarizing, writing, coloring and arranging their lapbook that can be used to give a presentation.

The visual materials in the lapbook cover:

  • Esther life’s background
  • Selected for queen
  • Events from discovering the plot to deliverance of the jewish people.
  • Study of Esther’s decisions

The lapbook is a digital product so you can get started right away!

Beautiful Biblical Lapbooks Life of Esther
Life of Esther

A beautifully designed lapbook for kids of all ages.

Get it here.

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