Men Of The Bible

Learning the names and lives of the characters of the Bible is important.

We have designed a fun resource to use to help kids remember the names of the most prominent men in the Bible.

Men of the Bible Game
Fun Game For All Ages!

A digital resource so just print and go! Get it here.

Men of the Bible Game

Want an easy way for kids to learn and memorize the names of the most important male characters in the Scriptures? Download the Men of the Bible Game.

bible resource old testament

Old Testament Overview

A creative notebooking set that looks at the main events in the Old Testament (22 pages)

See our post for more info here.

A fun interactive game that is fast paced. Includes twenty eight of the most important male characters in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. It is a digital resource so all you need is to print the bingo mats and the name labels. There are eight bingo mats to choose from.

Players: from two to eight players.

Other educational resources:

Visual Unit Studies for Kids

Teach the Word Unit – see it here



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