Find useful and fun Multiplication Resources and Games listed below. There are plenty of resources for kids to learn and practice multiplication.


Don’t miss out on these other resources for fun schooling!

Interactive Geography Visual Unit

Writing Fun + Geography

No more b-o-r-i-n-g writing practices or dull geography.

Paired with visuals and silly stories kids will never forget it!

Check it out here.

Fun Astronomy!

Fun two in one book/workbook with awesome prompts to encourage creative writing!

Check it out here!

astronomy thematic unit

Multiplication Games

Games truly make learning fun! Plus you can practice pretty much any concept that you want using a game.

Multiplication facts sometimes can be a chore to learn and boring to practice…. if you don’t use fun to do it!

As you probably guessed, here at FUN WITH A MESSAGE, we are all about fun and learning! So why not use a fun and simple game to ingrain those multiplication facts?


Simple and fun

Printable Roll & Multiply Game

A fun and fast paced game for beginners. It includes facts up to 6 so kids can cement those before moving on to the next facts.

It is a printable and instant download game. You can get it here.

Other Multiplication Resources and Games

The multiplication machine is great for independent learners.

Just let your children explore and challenge themselves!

Brain teasers help with logical reasoning.

Drills with multiplication facts work especially if presented in a fun way!

Competition is always a good incentive!

Fun little game to rehearse those multiplication facts.

The game is for at least two players.

Love to play dominoes! Kids learn without even realizing it hehehe. 😉

Educational Resources

educational resources
visual history unit study the constitution

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