DOODLING AMERICAN HISTORY is a visual history curriculum divided into unit studies. It is a fun interactive and visual History curriculum. It focuses on understanding the big picture of History not just empty memorization.

Will Students Remember What They’ve Learned?

If the curriculum only involves text with a few sporadic pictures, retention rates will fall. However, if you add audio or visual elements, children or adults can recall up to 50% more material than text alone.

Visuals Improve Learning By Up To 400%

VISUAL History: Pictures, Symbols & more

It is well known that anything visual helps students retain at least over 45% more of the subject studied over just reading text. Sometimes, retention jumps to over 100%.

That is why DOODLING AMERICAN HISTORY Visual Curriculum uses:

  • Pictures
  • Symbols
  • Charts
  • Summaries
  • Comics
A Step Beyond Visual

Visuals improve learning. There is no doubt about it and research proves it. Doodling History units go a step beyond. The units involves the student in drawing the pictures and symbols. So, retention rates soar!


It also includes charts and summaries for a deep understanding of the historic events and concepts. The key difference, however, is that the students help make these charts and summaries.

Kids will retain what they have learned because they created it. The concept has to be well understood to create the symbol or drawing. And as they visualize, they internalize.

Perfect For Study & Review

Reviewing text is not easy and it takes much longer than a picture. The old saying is still true: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Once kids complete each page, the charts that they helped to create become a perfect review tool!

The charts are visual, uncluttered and summarize the most important information.

– Our brain can process images 60,000 times faster than words. –

-Krista Neher

From Big To Small

History is a big subject and involves many moving parts. However, if we take each part and study the big picture and then focus a bit on each event in more detail, it is easier to understand and remember.

Doodling American History Units overview each topic first. Then, break it down into segments.

Kids will UNDERSTAND History, because they will see the big picture broken down segments: background, event and impact of the event.

Layouts Maximize Learning

The study units are professionally designed so that its not only pleasing to the eye but maximizes learning. The printed units are a bit thicker than most. We preferred to add more pages than having a cluttered page. Therefore, each page is clean and organized around one main concept.


Visualizing American History & The World

American History can not be studied isolated from world events. Events shaping America had worldwide influence. And the world also influenced American thought and events.

Which is why our Unit Studies have a “World Question?” section that prompts students to research. A better perspective on History is gained when students learn find what was going in the rest of the world while historic events were developing in America.

The American History unit studies are developed for third grade on but we have done this one along with our kindergartener who loves looking and making pictures.



DOODLE THE CONSTITUTION UNIT STUDY is one of our Doodling American History Units. It is a visual, practical, and interactive unit on the Constitution for third grade on up.

Visual, Practical & Interactive

Thanks to visuals from infographics to symbols, students will not easily forget the preliminary events that led to the writing of the Constitution.


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They will not only clearly see the big picture that framed the Constitution but they will understand the ideas behind the Constitution and each of its parts.

Doodle The Constitution Unit Study

The Constitution Study is visually interactive and covers:

  • The Constitution’s Big Picture of events and concepts
  • What events led to the writing of the Constitution?
  • What is the Constitution?
  • Is it better than the Articles of Confederation?
  • What are the parts of the Constitution?
  • What are the three branches of government created by the Constitution?
  • What is an amendment?

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  • Reading & Spelling
  • Paraphrasing & summarizing
  • Creating symbols and comics to illustrate concepts.

Other fun unit studies:

ancient civilization thematic unit
astronomy thematic unit

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