Fun With A Message Christmas Gift Guide


Fun With A Message Christmas Gift Guide:  Gifts for Others

Fun with A Message holiday-guide


A Wonderful Season

Christmas is a wonderful season to enjoy with our family and see our children’s faces light up with joy as they sip hot chocolate watching twinkling lights and then, giggle with excitement opening up  their presents.

Christmas is about love and caring and giving.  (Besides enjoying wonderful yummy treats :) )

We are so fortunate to have a wonderful little family to enjoy Christmas!

We have been blessed so we can be a blessing!


A New Christmas Tradition

This Christmas we want to focus on others.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of buying things for the ones we love that we might forget what the season is all about.

As a family, our challenge is to give and send love to those beyond our family.

Fun With A Message has assembled a gift guide to help us do just that.

Hope your family can use some of these ideas!


Gifts of Kindness: Giving Beyond Our Family.

This season, we can bring so much joy to people right around us without necessarily spending money.  Maybe a little time and effort?   Although, gifts to help others can be sent online… Why not start a Christmas tradition with the  kids assembling a gift box for a child that might otherwise not receive  anything for Christmas?

But where do we start?

Our gift guide is divided in three sections:

  1. We can bless our neighbors right next door.
  2. We can reach neglected children (near our home)
  3. We can send a gift to a child in another country.

Today, we will be giving you gift ideas on how to bless those right around you. Come back this week for the next section: Blessing the Children.



Blessed to be a blessing!

Out of the abundance we have been given, we can bless others that might be in need, lonely or ill.

Some of these gifts would be really easy to assemble in a shoes box and a trip to the dollar store!

The great thing about this guide is that it can be completed at any time of the year. Maybe  some families get a bit more time in the week Between Christmas and New Year’s?  People in need would appreciate a gift any time of the year.

Gifts For Our Neighbors:

Gifts for Single Parents:

Offer to watch their kids so they may have a little free time.   Lots of single moms would appreciate any help with  house maintenance from moving the lawn to  repairing a broken fence.

The Holiday Season can also be quite lonely and their  kids would benefit from some fun family times.  Maybe invite them over for cookies and  hot chocolate.  Playing board games is an excellent  way to break the ice and get to know people.

Gift certificates for groceries are always appreciated.

Useful Links:

Single Parents Alliance of America Provides resources and help to single  parents. Free services.

Single & Parenting Provides group support.

The Life of a Single Mom provides a comprehensive list of local and national help.

Gifts For Expectant Moms:

Expectant moms who are single or teenage moms can definitely use some support!  You can google and find a center near you for expectant  moms.

Gifts you can donate:  Household items like: Paper Towel; Toilet Paper; Disinfectant Wipes; Diapers.

And definitely, prayer!!!

Useful Links:

Sarah’s House
P.O. Box 941768
Simi Valley, CA 93094


Gifts for families:

Many families are facing financial hardships  which make the Holiday Season stressful.  If a family in your community is experiencing  emotional or financial struggles,  they might really appreciate your support!

Gift Ideas:

Sponsor a date night:  Thru your local church, gift  certificate (does not need to be to a fancy  place), or offer to watch the kids.

Board games make a great gift for families.

Kids love holiday treats as presents :)


Gifts for elderly neighbors:

Older people have a hard time getting around.  If they don’t have a family nearby, they  might be stuck in the house not just during  the Holidays but year round.

Invite them to your church’s Christmas party,  take them to the mall,  bring over some treats and visit for a little bit.


Gifts for Young Adult Orphans :

Until I heard of Home Connections I never realized the need to help children who have been in and out of foster care and were never adopted.  Once they reach 18 years of age they  are out on their own. :(

Connections Homes

Connections Homes exists to connect young adults 18-24 who are aging out of foster care, homeless or otherwise without family to families willing to walk with them through life.


Gifts for Kids -In our next article.


We can’t forget that the joy in this season comes from the true gift

we all received at Christmas.

God sent His Son because He loved us so much!

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24 Responses to “Fun With A Message Christmas Gift Guide”

  1. I love these ideas. Thanks for linking up with this week’s parenting pin it party. x x

  2. Now to me apart from the main reason for Christmas, that being Jesus, what you have posted is what Christmas is all about. Helping, loving and caring for others who don’t have all that we have. Thanks for posting this at Good Morning Mondays, what a blessing you and your family must be.

  3. I will be featuring this post on the Thoughtful Spot this Monday!

  4. WONDERFUL! Thx for linking these wonderful ideas up at the Thoughtful Spot!

  5. Barb @ A Life in Balance says:

    Thank you for posting to Motivation Monday!

  6. Love the three sections (neighbors right next door, neglected children, a child in another country) Great ideas!

  7. These are all awesome gifts. It is good to start children early learning to give rather than always expecting to receive.

  8. Board games are great for entire families!! My family and I love playing them. Great ideas!!!

  9. These are all lovely ideas!

  10. Great Ideas! We took cookies to some of our neighbors the other day with our littles.

  11. We are doing acts of kindness this Christmas season too! I love all these ideas for giving to people close by, thanks for sharing!

  12. Surfed in from another site (see below) and love that your post focuses on others.

  13. Mary Geisen says:

    Perfect ideas to bless others. Thank you for linking up to The Weekend Brew.

  14. Love your focus on others! We work to encourage that as well – especially this time of year!


  15. I love these ideas to spread love and kindness throughout your community. Very thoughtful gifts! Thanks for sharing with #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup! I’ve pinned to our linkup board and my gifts ideas board!

  16. Thanks for this great list! I like making a donation in someone’s name as a gift :)

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