Yarn Christmas Tree Ornament by Fun With A Message

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Christmas Crafts

Yarn Christmas Tree Ornament


 Christmas Crafts by Fun With A Message


A Fun Christmas Craft for Kids

This year our goal is to make most of our tree ornaments ourselves. Its becoming our new family tradition.  Not sure if we will finish by Christmas but for sure I’m having fun!

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I hope to enjoy the ornaments our kids make every Christmas Season.

Yarn Christmas Tree

Kids Craft


To make the ornament you can use any color of yarn you have on hand. We had green but I think the more colorful the better.

 Yarn Christmas Tree Christmas Crafts


What you need:

  • Yarn
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic wrap
  • Decorations
  • Twine

Step by Step Tutorial

Draw a circle on a piece of cardboard.

 Yarn Christmas Tree   tutorial

Cut the cardboard circle in half

 Yarn Christmas Tree Christmas Crafts

Bring the two edges of the semicircle together and then wrap it to shape a cone.

 Yarn Christmas Tree Christmas Crafts


Wrap the cone in plastic wrap and pour glue all over the plastic.

Start wrapping the yarn and add more glue as necessary.

 Yarn Christmas Tree Christmas Crafts

Let yarn dry overnight.

Once dry carefully peel off cardboard then peel plastic wrap off.

Decorate your tree 


Glue twine to the inside of the tree.

Hang your ornament 🙂

 Yarn Christmas Tree Christmas Crafts


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Hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday Season!


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