Family Discipleship: Teach The Word

Family Discipleship: The most important teaching of our lifetimes

Why is Family Discipleship: Teach The Word the most important teaching in each of our lifetimes? In the midst of crazy times, there is only one anchor that gives us peace. The uncertainty, the turmoil and the chaos can be all around us.  We can be worried and yet be at peace.  Is that possible?  Can we have that peace that transcends circumstances?

Yes! For our family, our peace does not come from the circumstances around us nor does it come from hoping these would improve. 

It is not constrained but how worried or sad we might feel at the moment. It goes beyond our emotions. It does not depend on our behavior either – since as frail humans our behavior might reach a good standard some days while others we might be found quite lacking.

As we talk to our kids about some of the crazy things that are going on in this world, we also tell them that we don’t trust in these circumstances but we put our trust in God.  We don’t need to fear.  Feeling worried is ok because we are human but ultimately as we put our trust in the Lord, He is our peace and He gives us His peace that surpasses our understanding.

Without peace, there is no joy in this life.  This is why we have made it our first responsibility to our children to share with them and teach them about who gives true and everlasting peace and teach them everything about Him.

Family Discipleship: Teach The Word

You see for Christians, following Jesus is not what we do, it is who we are.  So teaching our kids about Him comes naturally from breakfast to dinner time. As we talk at meal times, we share what we have learned about Him in our past, in our mistakes, in our best decisions and even in these present circumstances.  

After all, the Lord told us to go out and make disciples…. and the first ones should be our kids. We are learning how to do this as we go. Certainly Bible devotions and Bible Studies help a lot!

We use various Bible curricula to guide our family devotions. We wanted books that Teach The Word in a practical way.


We use these to teach as we read at loud then talk about what Jesus said and did and what He tell us about His Kingdom. 

Another way we do discipleship, is that as we go to church with our kids, afterwards, we talk about what was said, how it applies to us. 

We talk about Him all the time. When we go thru hard times or good times, we talk about what would the Lord have us do,  what does his Word say about this circumstance and how we can apply it.  We talk about it when we have family issues come up – when we have disagreements.   We talk about it when we ask our kids for forgiveness when being impatient or rude. 

Teaching our kids about the Person who gives true peace is probably the most important thing we can do for them as their parents.

As individuals and as a family, we have peace that comes from heaven.  Is the peace that comes from a person, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The peace we have does not depend on our behavior, emotions, or beliefs but on what God has done for us. 

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