A New Book By Fun With A Message

Ellie Sanchelly Go Fly A Kite!
Ellie Sanchelly


Fun With A Message welcomes new author Jen McCarthy!

Jen McCarthy has been weaving humorous bedtime tales for her own children for years. In this debut children’s book, she longs to share the message that God’s special plans for the world most definitely involve kids!

Her debut book: “Ellie Sanchelly, Go Fly A Kite!” , published by Fun With A Message, is a beautifully illustrated adventure of a girl who dares to dream big even beyond critism and doubt. Her adventure will change her small town forever.

Illustrated by Roitman Trillo.

The new children’s book will be available in print on December 14th at Amazon. You can get it now at Barnes and Noble for the Nook.

Follow this link: Ellie Sanchelly by Jen McCarthy & Roitman Trillo

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