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Merry Christmas!!

Announcing the winner of Fun with A Message Giveaway…



You have won Caterpillar’s Dream Giclee Art Print valued at $25.00!


Caterpillar’s Dream Art Print

Our exclusive artwork titled: Caterpillar’s Dream was developed for the book “Caterpillar’s Dream” by Roitman Trillo  rated as 4.5 Stars on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Caterpillar’s Dream Picture Book:

Caterpillar's Dream
Caterpillar’s Dream Picture Book


“Caterpillar’s is Dream  is a beautiful picture book that teaches children that the dreams inside are meant to be sought after!”
“My young daughters love this book! The illustrations are beautiful and playful and inspire creativity in the child.”
‘Especially helpful for the toddler who wants to do things they physically can’t do yet. I cannot say enough how much we love this story!”

Description:    Somewhere really close by lives someone very special.  Abby the Caterpillar will show us that no matter how small you might be you can dream big. Published by Fun With A Message.

Check out the Kindle Edition.  Or Paperback Edition.


And the winner of Caterpillars Dream Art Print is. . .


Winner’s name: Golden storm!!  (Also check out the Rafflecopter random pick here)


Just go into for Facebook Page Post where we announce the winner and  comment 🙂

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Thank you all for entering #kidsroom #decor #giveaway for Caterpillar’s Dream!

Even if you don’t win today, you will be able to own this print when our store opens up in 2015 :)


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