Thankful For Today Book

In this Thanksgiving season, it is the perfect time to teach little ones about gratitude.   Assembling a Giving Thanks Book is a perfect way to help kiddos recognize all we have to be thankful for.

Thankful For Today
Thankful For Today Children’s Picture Book

Based on the book Thankful For today by Roitman Trillo download this free Thankful For Today Craft Book and color a page a day or the  whole book at once.

Thankful For Today Printable

A free printable template  for kiddos to color and draw what they are thankful for.

Click this link to download cover and blank template : Thankful For Today Coloring Book

Here is a sample blank page:

Thankful For Today Book

Sample pages:

Thankful For

Thankful For My Family

Thankful For My Pet

Click the link below to down load the whole book. (Might take a minute to download)

Thankful For Today Coloring Book

Happy Thanksgiving!


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