Super Easy Colorful Thanksgiving Collage Wall Decor

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Thanksgiving Collage

 A Super Easy and Colorful Wall Decor




A Perfect Craft for Thanksgiving With The Family

Thanksgiving is almost here! We one going to have a fun time with the family.  As preparations take place, we want to our kids to be part of the celebration.   And use the mounds of wonderful artwork that have accumulated through the year. 🙂

Creating A Frugal And Colorful Keepsake


Use Your Kids Artwork For This Keepsake

For this super easy and colorful Thanksgiving Collage Wall Decor, you can take all the beautiful and colorful paintings from your kiddos that are accumulating dust in a corner of the craft room or in a box somewhere and make a colorful keepsake that you can enjoy anytime.

Just select pieces that have fall tones and no drawings.


You Can Create Your Own Artwork

Want to have some quality time with the fam?
Create your own painted pieces.   Its super easy! Our tutorial shows you how.


thanksgiving collage craft

Thanksgiving Collage Wall Decor Tutorial

 The best part of this project, is that anyone’s project will look different.   Below is what our finished collage looks like.  Keep in mind that every piece will look different and unique because it will be based on one of a kind artwork!


Thanksgiving Collage Tutorial

What you need:

  • Supplies: brushes, glue, scissors, pencil
  • Watercolors  or acrylic paint
  • Craft Paper (any fall color) to be used as background
  • Harvest Template  (see below on how to download)
  • Canvas
  • Frame


 Thanksgiving collage Fun With A Message

Step by Step Tutorial

  1. To create own artwork:
    • On cardstock paper, place drops of different fall colors
    • Combine paint with a brush with random strokes (the more future the better)
    • Colors suggested: purple, orange, brown, green, yellow.
    • Allow paint to dry before cutting shapes
  2. If using existing artwork, just go to step 3.
  3. Print template  on thick paper and cut each shape ( See below to download )
  4. Use shape as stencils – place onto artwork and trace with a pencil.
  5. Cut shapes
  6.  For the lettering,  use the template and cut or paint “Thankful” onto craft paper.
  7. Glue shapes onto craft paper.  You can play around with their placements until you like what you see : 
  8. PAdd details like leaves etc.
  9. Glue craft paper onto canvas.   I used Modpodge.
  10. Add a frame and hang it.
  11. Admire your artwork 🙂

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Happy Thanksgiving!



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