Fun At Home Activities Planner

Who says being at home is boring?

Schools closed? Is the weather outside frightful? Is it keeping you stuck at home? Your family can enjoy being at home! You just need a plan. Choose fun indoor activities and use the Fun At Home Activities Planner to schedule them in!

Fun At Home

Plan fun educational activities
sight words game
Have a few fun and educational games on hand.

See the Sights Words Game

There are plenty of fun things to do at home! It is just hard to keep track and remember them when kids get bored or frustrated from being inside the four walls of the house. That’s what happened at home at lot in the summer!

virtual road trip to national parks

Visit a National Park here.

For us, the summer is like stepping into a blazing hot oven! You simply can’t be outside. It is so hot outside, that it can be considered an emergency if your car breaks down on the road. So needless to say, we mostly hibernate in the summer.

Fun Learning At Home

Use our FREE resources guides for FREE interactive and educational websites. Kids will learn playing games and watching educational videos. See the guide here


Let’s flood social media with gratefulness. Download and have the kids color the Thank you postcard. Send via social media.

Fun At Home Activities Planner

Keep track of what fun things you can plan for the family while stuck inside.

We have created an ebook: FUN AT HOME ACTIVITIES PLANNER with over 20+ indoor activity ideas that will keep kids active and having fun!

fun at home activities planner
Printable Activity Checklist with 20+ Activities
  • A reusable monthly family calendar
  • 20+ Indoor Activities Included
  • Fun Activity Checklist

In order to remind myself of fun things to do, I started a calendar of activities. It is a simple and easy way to to keep track of all different fun activities to do indoors! Just print it and mark the activities you have completed.


Here are a few of the fun activities your kids will enjoy doing inside.

  • Make pet rocks
  • Play a game! Charades
Fun Charades Game
  • Get an I Spy book and see who finds it first
  • Play crazy 8 card game
  • Do an indoor hide and seek game
  • Play with balloons
  • Simon Says is a fun game
  • Pick a board game
  • Play musical chairs
  • Dominoes are always a hit
  • Bingo – everything!
  • Puzzles will keep kids entertain for days.
  • Younger kids like tic-tac-toe
  • Make a reading nook
  • Play freeze dance
  • Learn a new language – try an app that’s free to start!
  • Build a fort.

These are just a few sample activities. There are so many others!

Get the planner to keep your sanity 🙂 and keep the kids learning and having fun!


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