Hope And Gratitude In A Time Of Fear

In the midst of terribly hard and scary circumstances, I found myself paralyzed with fear. Things only turned around when I started focusing on hope and gratitude to overcome fear – for the sake of my children and truthfully, my own.


See below for the FREE printable coloring card to THANK OUR HEROES

Helping Ourselves And Our Children

Sometimes life throws you a curve. Sometimes it seems everything around you points to darkness. And fear wants to set in – and take over!

Last week, it was like that for us. Everywhere I turned the news was terrible! Naturally, overhearing things, my children were scared. I was scared too, of course, I didn’t want my children to know.

We are all human and have very valid reasons to be concerned. But I was not only afraid. I was sad too. Sad for all the families that have lost loved ones.

Not only have families lost their loved ones – they lost their loved ones in an incredibly cruel circumstance. They didn’t get to be by their side. They didn’t get to say goodbye and they don’t even get to be at their funeral. It’s not fair!

It isn’t fair! But the cruel microscopic enemy we are facing, does not care.

Gratitude Over Fear

Realizing that fear and sadness were trying to take over my home, I decided we had to focus on the good, the hopeful, the courageous side of the these circumstances.

The most courageous attitude has been shown by everyday heroes – brave people around us. The courage shown by men and women, moms and dads working in all types of essential services – especially the heroes serving in hospitals everywhere.


These heroes need to hear and read our gratitude for giving of themselves so courageously and freely. A quick thank you note written by children always warms the heart of anyone that reads it.

I set out to grab a quick printable so the kids could color a thank you note to our heroes (via social media) but couldn’t really find anything! So we decided to make it for everyone.

educational resources
Educational Resources

Guides to FREE educational websites from Math to Geography.


If you look at social media, bad news cover the feeds. So why not encourage the brave men and women who are serving in the frontlines by flooding their feeds with gratitude?

Please use these printables and send them via social media (printed materials could lead to contamination) – and flood doctors, nurses, police, and all essential workers with thank you notes đŸ™‚

Gratitude over fear wins

You can find the FREE printable card in our shop. We also want to help FOSTER KIDS who have been impacted by the crisis, so we have other designs as a way to raise funds for them. Or you can donate directly to a charity that supports foster children.


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