Looking for Educational Resources for Parents and Teachers? Find resources for homeschooling and teaching from home. Teachers will be able to find NO PREP and ready to teach products.

Doodle the constitution visual history
Doodle The Constitution

Who knew learning History and Government could be so fun!

See more on this visual unit study here!

For a limited time, get up to $770 in homeschool resources for FREE. It is called the Back to School Blessing bundle and is available for a limited time. You can download printable homeschool products for free for personal use only.

Click here (the host will require your email) and then you can download the file that has the links to all the freebies.

FREE And Useful Schooling Resources

Best free educational sites

Best Free Educational Websites

Looking for school resources to do at home? We have carefully selected the Best free educational websites that are super fun and easy for children to use.

Take A Virtual Trip to National Parks
  • The best trips to 18 national parks that you can take! Plus a printable.
virtual road trip to national parks

Best Geography Websites & Resources

Find free websites about everything geography. Plus useful educational geography resources.

Homeschool Discounts Freebies & Giveaways

Find our popular Goals & Skills Planner at a super discount when you join the FREE Homeschool Curriculum Fair online event going on till end of June.

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Schooling From Home Resources

Check out some of these very useful homeschool resources for getting started with schooling at home. Also at our page: Everything You Need to Homeschool




If you are transitioning into homeschooling, either from private or public schooling, there is a lot to learn and do. Save time and frustration, use our checklist that includes all the steps that you need to transition into homeschooling!

Homeschool Prep Checklist

HOMESCHOOLING PREP Printable Checklist. It gives you all the main points you need to be aware of and complete to be ready to homeschool.


If you are considering schooling from home, this is an excellent resource. You will hear upto 48 different speakers in 40+ workshops to help you get started homeschooling!

How to Homeschool Summit

Run, don’t walk! The SUMMIT is completely free but only for a limited time. Not only will you hear from expert schooling at home teachers but you will have access to many free printables and educational resources.

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