Happiness is Homemade

How to enjoy the day with your kids

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The saying, “Happiness is Homemade” is true. As parents, we make or brake the day for our kids when they are little or when they are older.

Our influence as parents really doesn’t end when kids go to college. They will always look to us for acceptance and reassurance even as adults. I found out the older I get the more I appreciate my parents wisdom and experience.


It’s tough to just enjoy the day when as a mom of littles there is so much to do at home: never ending laundry, piles of stuff to put away, toys everywhere and a kitchen full of sinks.

Please don’t believe the insta and social media pics of moms who do it all and have a sparkly clean house all-the-time.! Something has to give. I prefer a not so perfect house with happy kids.

This book’s cover from Ellie Sanchelly, always reminds me as kids when we just enjoyed the day, running and laughing.

Ellie Sanchelly Go Fly A Kite!
Ellie Sanchelly Go Fly A Kite!

My friend Jen wrote it. It is a wonderful story about a girl that pursued her dreams and enjoyed the day no matter what grumpies might say.

If you want to read the book, here is the link:

Let’s remember to ease up and enjoy the kids before they leave the house. Some days will be easier than others 🙂


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