Mother’s Day Kids Art Project by Fun With A Message

A fun, easy and inexpensive Mother’s Day Kids Art Project! It is a perfect project to do at home (ahead of time or the day of ) 🙂 either way, kids and mom will have fun.

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Mother’s Day Kids Art Project

Crayon and Watercolor Art

A Spring Theme Mother’s Day Art

During this time of year, it’s just so wonderful to be outdoors. With spring underway, there’s beautiful flowers everywhere. And moms love flowers! We all do.  Even though little ones might not be able to cut us some, flowers painted by little hands make a great  gift  🙂

Mothers Day Kids Art Project

Flower Triptych

I love to do crafts with the kids. It is fun, quick and easy. But I love art made by kids that I can treasure even when they are off to college. So I plan for art we can do together that I can hang on my wall. The flower triptych looks great framed and hanged. Have fun with the kids making a keepsake to give to Mom for Mother’s Day.  

With a little help, kids can make a flower triptych that Mom will love to keep.  All you need is a little paper, watercolors and crayons.

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Crayon and Watercolor Art

Most people refer to this technique as “wax resist”  or “crayon resist” art.  It simply means the watercolors won’t paint  over the crayon drawing.   So we will see the outline of the flowers  after painting with watercolors.

Mother’s Day Kids Art Project

What you need:
Mother's Day Kids Art Project

This project looks great framed!

Mother's Day Art

Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Cut 3 pieces of cardstock in same dimensions. We made them 5×7.
  2. Draw with a pencil 3 different flower shapes on cardstock
  3. On one of the flowers, write Mom.
  4. Have the kids trace the outline of the flower with a light colored crayon- Preferably white.
  5. Color each flower with watercolors.
  6. To mix colors use a damp paper towel.
  7. Frame the paintings
Mothers Day Kids Art Project

Skills practiced:

  • Tracing
  • Painting
  • Mixing colors

Hope you and your kiddos enjoy it!

Other Mother’s Day Kids Art Project Ideas

Here are some more gift ideas for mom:

There are lots of ready to go craft sets to help your child make a gift for mom or grandma.

 Give mom an art print:

art print

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