Wooden Christmas Star Study

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The Christmas Star

Celebrating The Real Christmas

Remembering The True Christmas

When the Holiday Season comes, it is so easy to get distracted by the busyness of shopping, the twinkle of Christmas light, the fresh scent of baked goodies, the fun Holiday events and gatherings.

And even though our homes maybe all decorated to celebrate the Holidays and family coming into town, we might actually forget it all started with the most important birthday in the world.  Afterall, that is what Christmas is all about.

It happens as it did then, Jesus’ birth was celebrated in the heavens but on earth just a few people were aware.

Let’s make time in our families to teach our kids whose birthday we celebrate! 🙂  We can enjoy fun family times while celebrating Jesus.

You can print a free family activities checklist – see it here.

Celebrating The Birth Of Jesus

The Christmas Star Homeschool Printable

To help us all remember the ‘reason for the Season’, we made a Wooden Christmas Star to hang on our tree.

This simple wooden star reminds us of the first Christmas. There were no frills or fancy decorations that first Christmas just a long uncomfortable journey.

There were no parties or twinkling lights at the manger.  Just a young mother birthing a child. Yet in the midst of simplicity of a manger, there was lavish love poured on us all as a gift.  Freely.

That is what The Christmas Star Homeschool Printable celebrates.

Wooden Christmas Star Study

In the homeschool printable you will find homeschool work for elementary and preschool ages:

  • A Wooden Christmas Star Symbols & Types
  • The Star of David Coloring Page
  • The Star of David Paper Craft 
  • The Star of David Questionnaire 
  • The Christmas Star according to the Scriptures Reading Comprehension  
  • The Christmas Star Preschool Coloring page with Scriptures
  • The Christmas Star Preschool Craft page 

The homeschool printable will be available in our shop later on.

Free Tutorials

You can also check out our Free Tutorials for Christmas crafts like these: Made by Kids or Yarn Christmas Tree.

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